DOT Exploring Options for Elwa Bridge

The state Department of Transportation is exploring options for the Elwha River bridge on U.S. Highway 101 west of Port


DOT Exploring Options for Elwa Bridge


The state Department of Transportation is exploring options for the Elwha River bridge on U.S. Highway 101 west of Port Angeles.  That as the now-wild river continues to eat away at the riverbed under the bridge.


DOT spokeswoman Claudia Bingham Baker says they are considering multiple solutions to the problem, which could include completely replacing or retrofitting the bridge.

The DOT discovered after crews drilled bore samples earlier this month that the two bridge piers sat atop gravel — not bedrock, as officials had hoped.

Crews have already placed large boulders around the piers to prevent further erosion, but that is only a temporary measure.

DOT does say the bridge is safe to drive across but is being heavily monitored.

The state installed meters that detect movement on each of the piers. Crews will also continue to monitor the condition of the rip-rap around the two piers.

Credit Unions Set Themselves Up as Alternatives to Big Banks


Credit unions are becoming an alternative to other financial institutions in the Northwest, and they’re celebrating it today (Thursday) on International Credit Union Day.


Ballots Going Out Today For General Election


Ballots are being mailed out by auditor’s offices in Clallam and Jefferson counties to registered voters today.


General election ballots must be postmarked no later than Nov. 8 or dropped off by no later than 8 p.m. Nov. 8 at one of four dropboxes in the county.

There is one at The Forks District Court lobby, 502 E. Division St.

The last day to register to vote is Oct. 31. Registration must be done in person at the courthouse of the county of residence.

Big Storm Prediction Fizzles


The big storm this weekend was bad – but nothing like the historic storm predicted by meteorologists.

Remnants of Super Typhoon Songda were predicted to pummel Western Washington with 70 mph winds,

But the Weather Service now says the only place with recorded 70 mph winds on the Olympic Peninsula on Saturday was Hurricane Ridge.


The storm tracked farther west than previously thought and went north into central Vancouver Island.

The National Weather Service admitted late Saturday night that their forecast did not turn out as predicted,” saying on Facebook. “We are not pleased about it either.

Power outages were more widespread Friday than Saturday with the West End of the Peninsula getting the worst of it in Clallam County,

But by Sunday morning, power had been restored to all but about 100 customers.

The hardest hit areas in Clallam County were on the West End, including Neah Bay, Clallam Bay, Sekiu, Forks and La Push.

Nearly 50 mph winds were recorded in Forks which had 1.21 inches of rain Saturday into Sunday, compared to Port Angeles’ .74 inches and Port Townsend’s .65 inches.

Storm Saturday Could Pack a Serious Punch


The storm predicted to hit the Olympic Peninsula on Saturday could pack a punch.

The National Weather Service says the storm is the remnants of Super Typhoon Songda.  It says it has a more than 50 percent chance of being one of the strongest storms in Pacific Northwest history.

NWS Says residents in Western Washington need to prepare for power outages as the storm moves into Puget Sound on Saturday.


The West End could see easterly winds gusting up to 50 mph as the storm approaches Saturday. Once the storm passes we could see 25 to 35 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 50 mph.

OMP has closed almost all its campgrounds