Ward Sentenced to 26 1/2 years for Death by Abuse

It’s 26 ½ years in prison for the Forks resident and Quileute tribal member who had pleaded guilty to homicide by abuse in the death of a 2½-year-old family member she was caring.

46 year-old Ramona Jean Ward was sentenced Monday to the maximum allowed after Judge Christopher Melly said Ward inflicted too many injuries on baby Isaac Ward Martinez over a period of time for Melly to consider the death a “one-off” event.

      Tue June 5 News

Melly said that Isaac suffered head-to-toe injuries both new and healing at the time of his death I  n Nov of 2016.

A Child Protection Team doctor at Seattle Children’s Hospital said the baby’s injuries were evidence of “torture,” according to court records.

The victim was previously referred to as Isaac Ward but was referenced in court-papers as Isaac Ward Martinez.

Ramona Ward confessed she was abusing the child on a regular basis for two months according to her statement to authorities. In a statement she said “I know that I want to apologize,”

Court papers say on Nov. 9, 2016, two days before Isaac died, Ramona twice grabbed him by the throat and pushed him to the floor.

That same day, she pushed him away from her, causing his head to hit an end table, after which he became sluggish, then unresponsive.

Isaac died two days later at Harborview Medical Center.