Three Fires Burning in ONP

There are now three wildfires burning in OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK


A spokesman says all were discovered this week after a series of storms last Thursday, July 21, that led to more than 400 lightning strikes over the Olympic Mountains.

Two firefighters suffered heat exhaustion and were airlifted from one of the fires Thursday.

The largest one, the Godkin Fire in the Elwha River Valley, had grown from 7 acres to 40 acres by Thursday.  It was discovered near the confluence of Godkin Creek and the Elwha River in the geographic center of the park about 15 miles south of Hurricane Ridge.

Another fire, ignited by the same storm, was found near the Godkin Fire on Tuesday. The Hayes Fire covered less than one-fourth of an acre by Thursday.

Cox Valley Fire

And a third blaze was confirmed Thursday. The Cox Valley Fire is closer to Hurricane Ridge than the other two. It is a bit north and east of the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center area at about 4,200 feet.

As of Thursday, it covered about half an acre.