PUD Warns of Scammers

North Olympic Peninsula public utility districts are warning customers to be wary of scammers as fraudulent activity is being seen across the state.

Several Jefferson County businesses received calls Monday from a man claiming to be a representative of the Jefferson County PUD, demanding immediate payment of a supposed overdue bill or face services being shut off.


Clallam County PUD Communications Manager Nicole Clark said there was a round of scammer activity in June in her area.

Jefferson PUD Customer Service Coordinator Jean Hall said that the Jefferson County calls were scams and that the PUD would never act in that manner.

“The scammers ask for payment by a credit card or checking account. In some instances, they tell customers to get a prepaid card from the grocery store and make an immediate payment, or they will shut them off.”

She said as far as she knows, no one has fallen for this scam. Several customers called the PUD to verify if they paid their bills.