World of Radio on Forks 1490

World of Radio is a public affairs program focused on long distance radio listening, particularly shortwave, heard Sunday at 3:00 a.m. on Forks 1490.

Glenn Hauser (born April 12, 1945 in Berkeley, California) is an internationally-known DXer and radio host from Enid, Oklahoma, United States. He produces and narrates the weekly 30-minute radio show “World Of Radio”, heard on various non-commercial AM and FM radio stations throughout the U.S., plus worldwide on shortwave radio.

Glenn Hauser began his broadcasting career on Radio Canada International in the late 1970s giving DX tips on Sunday nights. Glenn’s DX tips also appeared on the Radio Nederland DX Juke Box program. Hauser also wrote for Popular Electronics and Modern Electronics, and published the Review of International Broadcasting.

World of Radio World Of Radio debuted in 1980 on WUOT-FM in Knoxville, Tennessee and went to shortwave two years later. The program consists of Hauser reading news headlines about happenings in radio around the world, in a characteristic monotone voice. The program primarily focuses on shortwave radio, but also includes coverage of all aspects of the broadcast spectrum. Most items are contributed by listeners to the program or by various DX publications.


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