Fed Rule Change Threatens Legal WA Pot Business

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says federal prosecutors should decide whether to enforce federal law against marijuana. His decision reverses an Obama-era policy that allowed states to decriminalize medical and recreational marijuana use without federal interference. Washington state voters approved recreational pot sales in 2012.

      Fri Jan 5 News

Legislation will Monitor Eco Impact of Conservation Plan

The state legislature will get an annual report on the economic impact of adding the marbled murrelet to the DNR’s conservation strategy.

That after County Commissioner Bill Peach testified to the legislature that there should be no negative impact to the logging and fishing industries.

      Thu Jan 4 News

Man Arrested for Joyce-area Child Rape


  • Clallam County commissioners agreed Tuesday to move forward on giving the Economic Development Corporation $60,000 for 2018.That after being satisfied by the diversity efforts of the nonprofit
  • Salal permits for Olympic National Forest available today
  • CHIP funds help 52,000 Washington state kids
      Wed Jan 3 News

150 Take Polar Plunge at Hollywood Beach

And how to make new year’s resolutions you can keep

      Tue Jan 2 News

South Sound 911 Releases Calls in Amtrak Crash

We are getting a first listen of the 911 calls from victims in the Amtrak train derailment south of Seattle last week. Dozens of emergency recordings released by South Sound 911 Dispatch detail vivid accounts of what happened during the deadly crash on December 18th.

      Fri Dec29 News