McAleer Recuses on Airbourne, Her New Employer

Port of Port Angeles Commissioner Colleen McAleer says she will recuse herself from issues regarding port tenant Airborne Environmental Control Systems after revealing that she is working as Airbourne’s full-time program manager.

McAleer says she ‘s been with Airbourne about 5 weeks.

      Fri May 4 News

Former port CFO John Nutter was hired by the company in December.

McAleer said she had long been recusing herself from any port matters related to the company because she’s known since 2013 they were interested in hiring her.  She says has never been involved with any lease negotiations with Airborne

Airborne has a 20-year lease with the port for 15,000 square feet in the Airport Industrial Park.

McAleer says  she cannot foresee any decision that would have to come up involving [Airborne],”