Kilmer’s Bill Would Protect Federal Workers During Shutdowns

Congressman Derek Kilmer (D – WA 6th)

With the partial government shutdown approaching a record for the longest ever shutdown in US History, U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer of the 6th Congressional District is one of two Congressmen introducing the  Federal Employee Civil Relief Act to protect federal workers and their families from foreclosures, evictions and loan defaults during a government shutdown.

KBDB Morning News 1/10/19

Kilmer says he met with federal workers in Tacoma this week regarding the shutdown including a state prison employee. 


The Federal Employee Civil Relief Act would safeguard workers impacted by a shutdown from:

• Being evicted or foreclosed.

• Having their car or other property repossessed.

• Falling behind in student loan payments.

• Falling behind in paying bills.

• Losing their insurance because of missed premiums.

The protection would last during and 30 days after a shutdown to give workers a chance to catch up with their bills.

The bill has nine co=sponsors in the house and a companion bill in the senate has 11 co-sponsors

Kilmer noting that the largest employer in his 6th district is the federal government.