Kilmer, Dems Vote to Re-open Govt.

The new Congress was sworn in Thursday and the House of Representatives now led by speaker Nancy Pelosi immediately passed legislation that could end the government shutdown.

Rep Derek Kilmer is now part of the new House Democratic majority

Rep Derek Kilmer who covers NW Washington, is now part of the Democratic House majority for the first time in Congressional career.  All Democrats including Kilmer  voted in favor as did 5 Republicans. 

In a statement Kilmer said  “It is time for an end to this government shutdown. Shutting down the government is bad for taxpayers, for the economy and for federal workers.’ adding

“Federal workers aren’t Democrats or Republicans when they’re at work. Federal employees should not be treated as pawns in political negotiations.

Fri., Jan 4 KBDB Morning News

 Kilmer adding “The Senate should take up these bills and put an end to this shutdown.”

House Democrats passed new pay-go rules Thursday.  That requires that legislation creating new entitlement programs also include pay cuts or tax increases to prevent an increase in the federal deficit.