Hurricane Ridge has lost $50K During Shutdown

The 61st Season at the Hurricane Ridge Ski Area is in doubt due to the Government Shutdown

The partial government shutdown has now prevented access to Hurricane Ridge for 24 days, leaving members of the Hurricane Ridge Winter Sports Club worried about how the lost revenue could affect what’s left of the season.

Members of the Hurricane Ridge Winter Sports Club board met with 6th district Democratic Congressman Derek Kilmer on Saturday morning, saying the shutdown has caused an at least $50,000 loss in revenue.

Kilmer cited economic losses to businesses around ONP in a house speech last week.

KBDB Morning News 1/14/19

Kilmer says government shutdowns are “stupid” and that he has no idea when this shutdown would be over. The  Hurricane Ridge Ski Area  is typically a break-even operation that costs about $130,000 per year. So the estimated loss so far represents about 40% of their annual income. 

Club secretary Roberts Oaks says the club has operated the Hurricane Ridge Ski Area for 60 years,  He says this will be their 61st season – if they open.