Forks Woman to serve 51-months for Outfitters Burglary

A Forks Woman is getting a 51 Month Prison sentence for her part in a burglary at Forks Outfitters in September of 2015.

30 year-old Rachelle Cabe was found guilty of burglary


Court documents say Cabe was observed stealing clothing on store surveillance video by Forks Police Officer Julie Goode.

Prosecutor Mark Nichols says Cabe had previously been given a lifetime trespass notice from the Outfitters store based on previous allegations of shoplifting. This made her entry into the store with the intent to steal unlawful and therefore a burglary.

Cabe was originally allowed to resolve her charges by entering drug court – but her drug court participation was terminated after she committed, and was sentenced to prison, for other felony charges in Kitsap County.

The sentence will be served consecutive to her Kitsap prison sentence, also for 5l months.

Nichols says Ms. Cabe has an extensive criminal history including 4 prior burglaries, drug possession, theft, trespass, assault and bail jumping.