Forks Cedar Shake Shack Fire Undetermined

The fire that destroyed a cedar shake mill on Hwy 101 in Forks last Wednesday morning likely started in an area where electrical panels were located.  That from Forks Fire Chief Bill Paul Monday.

Paul tells the Peninsula Daily that his investigation is complete and the official cause of the fire at Olympic Cedar Products is undetermined.

      Tue Sept 11 News

He says the owner did not have insurance or a sprinkler system, which were not required – and three mill employees lost their jobs.

The Forks mill was one of five cedar shake mills in the Forks area after  the Rainy Day Shake & Shingle on Russell Road closed down about four months ago.  There were once as many as 20 Cedar shake mills on the West End.

Paul believes the fire started near the electrical panel.  He says there were about 200 pallets in the building loaded with bundles of cedar shakes, kindling that fueled the flames.

Paul said the owner of the mill, Francisco Contreras reported being at the mill about 90 minutes before the fire was reported and did not notice any signs that a fire was burning.