Crazy Stan the Animal Man to Walk for Animals

Bill Faye – also known as Crazy Stan the animal man – will be walking more than 300 miles in support of animals this summer


The walk starts May 27 in Port Townsend – and arrives in Forks on Saturday June 3 – where Crazy Stan is holding a spay-neuter event along with Friends of Forks animals

May 27- Launch from the Carrie Blake Dog Park in Sequim (Hoping as many shelters/orgs as possible can join us at the launch) K9 demonstration, with an invitation for all to join the first part of the walk through Sequim.
· May 28- Stop in at Olympic Peninsula Humane Society. Event TBD- coordinating for a later date.
· May 29- Walk to Port Angeles and join Pet Posse at their booth at the Juan de Fuca Festival street fair.
· May 30 to June 2 walk from Port Angeles to Forks.
· June 3- Participate in spay/neuter give away event for Friends of Forks Animals at the Thriftway from 10AM-2PM- Milepost 85 of 300 in the walk.
· June 4 and 5- physical recovery days and/or media days as required
· June 6, 7, 8, 9- walk from Forks to Quinault- Milepost 151 of 300 of the walk
· June 10- participate in Flag Day Parade/Garage sale fund raiser in Ocean Shores/Ocean City for North Beach PAWS.
· June 11, 12, 13- physical recovery, personal commitment, and/or media days as required.
· June 14, 15, 16- back on the road again. Walk from Quinault to Ocean City. Milepost 196 of 300 of the walk.
· June 17- Attend Garage sale fund raiser for North Beach PAWS.
· June 18, 19- Walk from Ocean City to Gray’s Harbor PAWS. Milepost 217 of 300 of the walk.
· June 20 to July 3- Break “The Walk for the Animals” for “The Climb for the Animals”- plan is to summit Mt Hood OR for the animals. I AM NOT KIDDING. CRAZY STAN JUST MIGHT BE CRAZY. If it all works out, I will try and wear a cat/dog mask at the summit to send to your Facebook feeds and websites. The time from June 20 to July 3 will be used for conditioning, the summit attempt, and recovery.
· July 4- back on the walk again. Plan on attending the “Splash Festival” in Aberdeen for Gray’s Harbor PAWS and Harbor Rescue.
· July 5 and 6- Walk from Aberdeen to Raymond to Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (HAVA). Milepost 245 of 300.
· July 7 or 8- attend media and Carnival event for HAVA- maybe we go out and visit those wily feral jetty cats!
· July 9, 10, 11, 12- Walk from Raymond to Cape Disappointment on the Columbia River. Milepost 300 of 300.
· July 13 and 14- Although the actual walk may be over, the support for the animal organizations is not. July 13 and 14 are for physical recovery and/or media as required.
· July 15- Celebrate the completion of “The Walk for the Animals” in Long Beach with a Pet Parade and Pet Lookalike contest as part of the Long Beach Sandsations festivities.