County Bans Non-Native Fish Pens

Clallam County Commissioners are setting another roadblock for companies interested in farming Atlantic Salmon in Pacific waters.

On Monday commissioners instituted an interim ban on building new facilities that grow the salmon and other non-native species.

      Tue Feb 13 News

The interim ban will be imposed as part of a state-mandated update to the county shoreline development master program.

Board of Commissioners’ Chairman Mark Ozias says he hopes that will be completed by March 31.

The temporary measure will be in place at least until county commissioners conduct a 2020 review of the shoreline regulations.

Gov. Jay Inslee and Department of Natural Resources’ Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz, whose agency manages aquatic leases for fish farms, last year established a moratorium on new and pending fish-farm applications.

That after the mid-August collapse of Canada-based Cooke Aquaculture Pacific’s fish farm off Cypress Island and the resulting escape of hundreds of thousands of non-native fish.

The moratorium put the brakes on the company’s pending Clallam County permit for a fish farm off Port Angeles at Morse Creek to replace its existing fish farm off Ediz Hook.