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Legislative Session Underway

Gov Inslee delivers his State of the State address today

The 105-day legislative session in Washington state got started on Monday with lawmakers being sworn in.  Seattle Democrat Frank Chopp is beginning his final year as House Speaker.  He’s stepping down after this session but vows to fight for issues he believes in until then including raising the age for purchasing tobacco to 21, bringing back the basic health plan dropped during the recession, and addressing climate change.

KBDB Morning News 1/16/19

Today, the legislature will gather at the capital for Governor Jay Inslee’s state of the state address.  That begins at 11:45 AM and will be followed by the Republican response. 

Hurricane Ridge has lost $50K During Shutdown

The 61st Season at the Hurricane Ridge Ski Area is in doubt due to the Government Shutdown

The partial government shutdown has now prevented access to Hurricane Ridge for 24 days, leaving members of the Hurricane Ridge Winter Sports Club worried about how the lost revenue could affect what’s left of the season.

Members of the Hurricane Ridge Winter Sports Club board met with 6th district Democratic Congressman Derek Kilmer on Saturday morning, saying the shutdown has caused an at least $50,000 loss in revenue.

Kilmer cited economic losses to businesses around ONP in a house speech last week.

KBDB Morning News 1/14/19

Kilmer says government shutdowns are “stupid” and that he has no idea when this shutdown would be over. The  Hurricane Ridge Ski Area  is typically a break-even operation that costs about $130,000 per year. So the estimated loss so far represents about 40% of their annual income. 

Club secretary Roberts Oaks says the club has operated the Hurricane Ridge Ski Area for 60 years,  He says this will be their 61st season – if they open. 

Federal Workers Not Paid Today

Some National Parks are closed. ONP is open with a skeleton crew

A skeleton crew of National Park Service workers is staffing emergency functions in Olympic National Park during a partial federal shutdown that is into its 21st day today. 

Acting Superintendent Lee Taylor says the shutdown is having an increasingly harmful impact on employees

More than 100 federal workers will not receive paychecks today. They are among more than 25,000 Park Service employees nationwide deemed either essential, and therefore working, or furloughed, and not working, during the shutdown.

KBDB Morning News 1/11/19

Taylor said about 20 Olympic National Park staff are continuing full-time duties in law enforcement to provide public safety services and in utilities to maintain water and sewer systems.  The remainder have been furloughed.

Taylor says they have the minimum number needed to sustain emergency functions.

Kilmer’s Bill Would Protect Federal Workers During Shutdowns

Congressman Derek Kilmer (D – WA 6th)

With the partial government shutdown approaching a record for the longest ever shutdown in US History, U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer of the 6th Congressional District is one of two Congressmen introducing the  Federal Employee Civil Relief Act to protect federal workers and their families from foreclosures, evictions and loan defaults during a government shutdown.

KBDB Morning News 1/10/19

Kilmer says he met with federal workers in Tacoma this week regarding the shutdown including a state prison employee. 


The Federal Employee Civil Relief Act would safeguard workers impacted by a shutdown from:

• Being evicted or foreclosed.

• Having their car or other property repossessed.

• Falling behind in student loan payments.

• Falling behind in paying bills.

• Losing their insurance because of missed premiums.

The protection would last during and 30 days after a shutdown to give workers a chance to catch up with their bills.

The bill has nine co=sponsors in the house and a companion bill in the senate has 11 co-sponsors

Kilmer noting that the largest employer in his 6th district is the federal government. 

Inslee Proposes Universal Health Care for WA State

Gov Inslee Proposing Universal Health care for WA State

A proposal from Gov. Jay Inslee could bring universal health coverage to Washington state. Under the public-option plan, Washingtonians would pay no more than 10 percent of their income on premiums. 

KBDB Morning News 1/9/19