9-1-1 Service Out 9-Hours on West End

West End 9-1-1 Service was out for 9-hours Wednesday

Century Link says land-line-based 9-1-1 and some general phone service over land lines went out Wednesday afternoon on the West End and the Clearwater area south of Forks in Jefferson County.

Peninsula Communications says the disruption began at about noon Wednesday. At around 9 PM, Pen Com said all 9-1-1 service   had been restored.

If you live on the west-end and cannot reach 9-1-1 on your land-line phone, you should be able to use a cell phone. If not dial 360-374-5324.

Thursday, Jan 3, 2019 KBDB Morning News

Pen Com says please do NOT test the 9-1-1, or that number – only call if you have an actual emergency. We do not have any estimate on repair, or how wide-spread the issue is at this time.

Again, 9-1-1 that went out yesterday about noon has been restored in the west end of Clallam and Jefferson Counties.