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Fireworks on Sale Despite Bans in PA and PT

Consumer fireworks are on sale at licensed stands around the North Olympic Peninsula. Just don’t light them in Port Angeles or Port Townsend this Fourth of July weekend.


This is the first year of a citywide fireworks ban in Port Angeles, including Ediz Hook. Violators are subject to a $500 fine.

Port Townsend banned personal fireworks in 2003.

Law enforcement and fire safety officials are reminding the public to use caution when lighting approved “safe and sane” fireworks outside the Port Angeles and Port Townsend city limits.

One Year Later: The Marriage Equality Supreme Court Decision

More than 100,000 same-sex couples have been married since the Supreme Court ruled last year that all states must recognize these unions. However, LGBT groups say their fight for equality isn’t over.

Eric Tegethoff reports:


Burn Ban Starts Friday

North Olympic Peninsula burn restrictions will take effect Friday.

Those run at least through Oct. 1 and can be extended depending upon weather conditions.


Effective Friday, the Clallam County restriction applies to all outdoor burning except recreational cooking fires.

Recreational fires will be permitted unless further banned by extreme conditions.

Recreational fires are limited to 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.

Fires for debris disposal are not legal under any circumstances and are not considered recreational.

If the conditions arise, the restrictions may be upgraded to a “high fire danger,” which will prohibit all outdoor burning.

The exception is within Olympic National Park and other controlled campgrounds.

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Supreme Court Refuses to Hear WA State Contraception Case

The U-S Supreme Court won’t hear a case brought by a pharmacist from Olympia who challenged a Washington regulation requiring pharmacies to stock emergency contraception, based on his religious beliefs. The decision means pharmacies must follow state regulations and stock the drugs.

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WA State Tribes Win in Court on Salmon Habitats

A federal appeals court has upheld a decision to repair culverts in Washington state in order to protect salmon returning to upstream habitats. The decision is a victory for Native American tribes with fishing rights in the state.