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“Do it Yourself” Pays Off for Fans of Permaculture

Permaculture is a hands-on philosophy of self-sufficiency – the idea of meeting human needs in ways that also are good for the environment. Practitioners say it can work even in urban settings, and they’re sharing their advice at the Northwest Permaculture Convergence this weekend (Aug. 28-30) in Eugene, Ore

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Commissioners Taking Treasurer to Court

Clallam County commissioners will ask a judge to settle a dispute with treasurer Selinda Barkhuis over the process by which the board approved a pair of infrastructure grants this summer.  That after Barkhuis refused to issue the warrants saying the commissioners had not held proper public hearings before issuing the grants from the county’s opportunity fund.


Commissioner Bill Peach says the options were do nothing, have a jury trial, or agree to let a judge make the decision.

He talks about it with Forks 1490’s Ken Lambert:


Vancouver Businesses Cite “Oil Train Economics” for Opposing Terminal

A coalition of southwest Washington business owners says a couple of years of delays haven’t dampened its resolve to prevent the nation’s largest oil-by-rail terminal from being built at the Port of Vancouver. The group has penciled out some suggested job loss numbers if the Vancouver Energy facility is built by Tesoro-Savage.

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Voters Should Update Signature Cards

The Clallam County Canvassing Board met last week to discuss any possible irregularities in the August 4th primary.  That board consists of County auditor Shoona Riggs, Board of Commissioners Chair Jim McEntire and County Prosecutor Mark Nichols – who says there were no major problems.

But he did say that some ballots had to be thrown out due to the signatures not matching.

Nichols says sometimes people’s signatures change over the years.  He’s urging people who haven’t done it for a while to update their signature cards with the county Audtor.

He talks about that and more with Forks 1490’s John Lamb


Forest Service Firefighter Dies in Blaze

CBS news reporter Carter Evans speaks to the widow of a firefighter who lost his life fighting the blazes in northern Washington.