Monthly Archives: January 2015

Legislative Session Opens

The Washington State legislature opened it 105-day session Monday in Olympia with traditional ceremonies.

State lawmakers need to address the Supreme Court’s demand to properly fund education. They will also need to decide how to pay for other state needs, such as transportation, mental health infrastructure, and possible pay raises for state workers.

Governor Inslee is proposing tax increases on carbon, capital gains, cigarettes, and bottled water.

24th district Democrat Steve Tharinger – who represents the West End, says the federal givernmnet could make their job earier by passing the Main Street Fairness act, a bill allowing states to collect sales tax from internet sales.  He says that could generate $450 million annually in Washington State.

Tharinger is also pushing a plan to allow the The state Department of Natural Resources’ to harvest more trees

He says Cuting more trees, as well as planting even more, will  create more jobs, and absorb more carbon.

Local State senator Jim Hargrove agrees.  “Forestry can be key to managing carbon if aggressively managed,” he said.

Kilmer: DFW won’t object to Navy plan

Forks, WA – Representative Derek Kilmer (WA-6) says the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife sees no negative environmental impact from the navy’s proposed electromagnetic warfare range project planned for the West End.  In an interview with Forks 1490’s John lamb, Kilmer said that department has no plans to object to the Navy’s proposal.