Monthly Archives: October 2014

Washington’s Bats are “Rock Stars”

This is “National Bat Week,” which always coincides with Halloween’s preference for the animals. Many bat species are in decline in the United States, including most of the 15 species found in Washington.


Tax Aide Needs Volunteers

The AARP’s tax aid unit in Clallam county is looking for people willing to train to be tax aide volunteers on the West End.

Spokesman Carol Volk says  The training starts at the beginning of December   and must be complketed by Feb 1.  Volk says tax aide helps taxpayers of all ages.

For more info call Volk at 928-9509  or complete online app at


Protecting Health and Careers by Curbing Bullying

It’s Freedom from Workplace Bullying Week, and experts in Washington state say it is shining a spotlight on a problem that can have devastating impacts on people’s health and careers


Candidates Make Pitch in Forks

The WEBPA welcomed in two candidates on the November ballot Wednesday.  PA city councilwoman Sissi Bruch is running for Clallam County Commissioner for the district that covers the West End.  Bruch is running against former Rayonier Executive Bill Peach of Forks.  Incumbent Community Development director Sheila Roark Miller also spoke at the meeting.  Sheila Roark Miller is running for the non-partisan position against Mary Ellen Winborn.


Look Beyond the Ads for Midterm Voting Advice

You can’t be an informed voter if your chief source of information is the plethora of attack ads on Washington airwaves – especially when there’s no clue who’s really funding them. The League of Women Voters of Washington says in the absence of campaign disclosure rules, voters are on their own to seek unbiased sources of information.