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WA Hospital Mergers Create Patient Care Concerns

There are many reasons small healthcare providers want to affiliate with big hospital systems – like more money, patients and technology. But patients’ advocates warn that the growing number of agreements in Washington between large, faith-based healthcare systems and smaller, secular practices will mean fewer choices, particularly for procedures that don’t line up with Catholic doctrine.   Chris Thomas reports:


Will More Coal, Oil Trains Rumble Through Northwest?

In a report from the Sightline Institute, people are being urged to look at the big picture rather than individual projects as they consider the Pacific Northwest’s prospects as a fossil fuel shipping hub. The report’s author says Native American Tribes will be key to whether the projects are approved or rejected.   Chris Thomas reports:


RAC Comes Together

The new Rainforest Arts Center  is coming together.   The roof is sealed, most of the interior is framed, and installation of the brickwork has begun.  That from City attorney and planner Rod Fleck – who toured the building with Forks 1490’s Ken Lambert.


Candidates Talk Jobs at Forum

Candidates for Clallam County Commissioner District 3 met at JT Sweets on Wednesday, September 24.

Bill Peach file photo

Republican Bill Peach

Sissi Bruch

Democrat Sissi Bruch

Democrat Sissy Bruch and Republican Bill Peach are both on the November ballot.



Cougar in Forks

A cougar was spotted Tuesday at the corner of Sol Duc Way and route 101.  Police Administrator Rick Bart is urging caution.  He talks about that, the recent burglaries at Forks Hospital and the city yard, and about the Halloween Haunted House being run  by the Forks Police Foundation – with Forks 1490’s Ken Lambert: