Forks Jail Earns $160k for City in 2016

New statistics regarding the use of the Forks jail shows it’s a money maker for the city of Forks.  From


Forks Jail Earns $160k for City in 2016

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New statistics regarding the use of the Forks jail shows it’s a money maker for the city of Forks.  From January 1 through June 30 of this year the jail has brought in more than $160,000 for the city’s general fund.  That as Forks rents its facility to other police agencies.


Police Administrator Rick Bart says 244 people were held in the last six months with  an average stay is 15 days.  The average age is 37.  And the city cashes in.

Bart says while the Forks PD put the most people in the Forks jail, other agencies pay to use the Forks Facility.

In other news, the Forks Police now have two defibulaters they can carroy arounjd in police cars and use in case of emergency.  Police Administrator Rick Bart says that’s due to the efforts of some volunteers.



Bart says those will available in patrol cars 24-hours a day.

New Old Time Chatauqua in Forks Today

New old tme chatauqua

There another parade at noon in Forks today.  That as The New Old Time Chautauqua continues their tour of the West End.


Paul Magid of the group says the new old time chataqua troupe  consists of 60 to 70 touring members including jugglers, magicians, aerialists, humorists, hula-hoopists and a 25-piece band showcasing musicians able to harness a diverse range of music.

They are also holding workshops at the RAC from 1:30 – 3:30

Paul Magu-ee says the group mixes education with entertainment.  Magid’ workshop is on the doctrine of discovery which he says is the basis for all land ownership.

On Wednesday, the group will return to La Push for a baseball game and a swing dance.

$1M donation to ONP for Enchanted Valley Trails

Olympic Discovery Trail map

A $1 million donation from philanthropists Mike and Sue Raney of Las Vegas will help trail crews at Olympic National Park repair and enhance miles of trails winding through the wilderness over the next decade.


On Thursday The National Park Foundation executive vice president, said Thursday that the Raneys’ donation will be allocated to ONP in $100,000 allotments each year for the next 10 years.

The Raneys have contributed an additional $1 million to the foundation to be allotted to Mount Rainier National Park during the same time period.

Mike Raney has a background in investing while Sue Raney is retired from the banking industry.

The foundation says The Raney’s donation is focused on restoration of Olympic National Park’s Enchanted Valley Trail and of Rainier’s Wonderland Trail.

Griffey Inducted into Baseball HOF


Ken Griffey Junior has become the first Mariner ever inducted to the Baseball HOF.  Griffey was inducted – along with Mike Piazza – yesterday at Cooperstown, NY where he recognized the team he broke in with.


Griffey was elected with the highest pct of votes in HOF history.  But he said a lot of other people had a hand in his illustrious career.

Griffey hit 630 career home runs in 22 years

New Rule Would Ban Sewage Dumps in Strait

Health Beach

SEATTLE — Boaters and vessel operators would not be able to release sewage, treated or untreated, into the Juan de Fuca Strait .  That under a proposal by state regulators.


The state Department of Ecology said Thursday it and other state agencies petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to designate the waters of Puget Sound — which includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca — a “no-discharge zone” to improve water quality and protect shellfish beds and swimming beaches from harmful bacteria.

The zone would include Lake Washington and Lake Union.

There are dozens of no-discharge zones in the country, but this would be the first in the Pacific Northwest.

The EPA has 90 days to review the petition and make a decision.
If approved, the zone would immediately apply to all vessels, with the exception of tugboats, commercial fishing vessels and some boats that would have five years to retrofit their vessels